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Claim Your Music

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Claim Your Music -- Another Claims Community.

1··The first fifteen members may claim two songs. Everyone after that may only claim one.
2··One person to a song, one song to a person. A song may be shared if both people agree.
3··No claiming of whole albums or music genres. I know the community is Claim Your Music, but it was intended for song claimage only.
4··When making your post, specify the title of the song and the name of the artist, i.e. "song name by so-and-so"
5··You can't change your claims, so make sure you pick a song that you're not going to be sick of next week.
6··If you change your username and want the claims list updated, tell us your new username and the song you claimed.
7··Links in userinfos would be appreciated, but they're not required.
8··If you make a banner, button or icon for the community, you are allowed to make another claim once it has been approved by a moderator.
9··If you make a layout, you are allowed to make three more claims once it has been approved by a moderator.
10··Let the claimage begin! Muahaha!

infected was awarded three extra claims for making all three of the community's current icons.

junkiemonkey41's Icon Journal: infamous_icons
infected's Icon Journal: iconfrenzy
kattabean's Icon Journal: shibblemcdibble
junkiemonkey41's Harry Potter RP Site: Fidelius
junkiemonkey41's Other Claim Community: back_off_amazon

The creator and maintainer of this community is junkiemonkey41.